This training program took me into a journey of self-discovery in which I was able to fully understand human behavior and how programs from the early stages in our lives turn into a state of being in adulthood. 

Through her amazing communication skills and passion about helping people create a life they love, Dr. Marcelo explained a clear model of transformation. I acquired the tools to change my daily state of survival into a state of creation. Because of her medical background and deep understanding of the bodily processes, she made simpler and easier to understand the science and biology behind the process of change that take us from thinking to doing to being, the foundation of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. 

Dr. Marcelo’s expertise has brought a myriad of changes into my personal and professional life. I’ve developed a deep desire to truly know myself so that I can create the life of my dreams. She’s helped me improve my relationships with clients and co-workers, which has not only resulted in increased productivity, but restored enjoyment and enthusiasm to my business.    

Thank you Dr. Marcelo for being an inspiration through your personal embodiment of Dr. Joe’s work. 

Maria Diaz, P.A., Architect, Alma Architecture