Alma Architecture

This training program took me into a journey of self-discovery in which I was able to fully understand human behavior and how programs from the early stages in our lives turn into a state of being in adulthood.  Through her amazing communication skills and passion about helping people create a life they love, Dr. Marcelo […]


“Dr. Marcelo expertly presented the scientific foundation of how the mind, body, and emotional connection works. It was fascinating to learn how everything is connected and how we can use those connections to achieve the results we desire. I learned a great deal about emotional intelligence and how I can thrive even in the most […]

How I Use NCS Programs to Help Clients

I help clients identify old habits that stop them from transitioning to a future that is less stressed, more creative, and abundant. Using neuroscience models of change, I explain the process of how to use new thoughts to rewire the brain and recondition the body to experience new emotions. My clients shift from uncertainty, anxiety, […]

How Do We Get Started?

Step 1: Contact Dr. Claudia to book a discovery call and discuss the path to achieving your goals. Step 2 – Based on the discovery call, you will be offered either a new workshop for you/your group/your organization or be added to an existing open training already scheduled. Details of training (in person or virtual), […]

How Long Is the Program?

The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program can vary in length (10-hour minimum) and can be customized to be delivered to your team over two days or multiple days. There are optional follow-up coaching options available.

Who is Dr. Joe Dispenza?

New York Times best-selling author, international lecturer, researcher, educator, and corporate consultant, Dr. Joe Dispenza developed the NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) Program based on neuroscientific principles. The program has affected organizational change by enhancing individual and team productivity, creativity, and innovation, resulting in increased performance and business results. Dr. Joe personally trains and  ceritifies NCS Consultants who […]