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Hi, I’m Dr. Claudia Marcelo D.O., AOBFP, a certified NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS Solutions) Consultant.

There’s a growing interest in the neuroscience and biology of personal change and transformation. Our beliefs and perceptions directly impact how we communicate, provide feedback, and handle crises and difficult situations. There is a science behind how to use our brain and understand how it learns, in other words, how we go from thinking to doing to being.

If you are living in stress or survival mode, your brain and body are knocked out of balance. Though we have the biology and chemistry to deal with short-term stress, our bodies are not designed to live under chronic stress. The unhappiness, frustration, disorganization, grudges, and confusion can result in disease.

What is the NCS Solution?

The NCS Solution is a unique, inside-out approach based on the proprietary work of researcher and best-selling author Dr. Joe Dispenza. “Change Your Mind…Create New Results” program is the result of more than 25 years of research on how the brain works and the role that our thoughts, habits, behaviors, and emotions play in our relationship with ourselves and others. The program fosters collaboration, innovation, creativity, and how to lead with emotional intelligence.  Individuals learn how to break old patterns and habits that produce resistance in order to bring about true and lasting change.

The training program is designed to advance individuals or organizations in the following fields:

  • Reduction of stress and emotional reactivity
  • Developing positive mindsets
  • Sharpening leadership skills
  • Increasing creativity
  • Fostering change readiness
  • Improving performance and quality
  • Cultivating general health and well-being
Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we discuss some of the most frequently asked questions that are often received relating to the NCS Solution.